The process of selling in an online auction


The process begins with our team completing an assessment in your home. Our team will listen to how we can assist you and your family. We will develop a combined plan of action with a timeline.


Next, our staff will arrive with our photography equipment and begin the process of inventorying, photographing, and cataloging the estate items. This process can vary in time, ranging from a week to a month depending on how many items you have.

Custom Marketing Campaign

Once the items have been photographed, the magic happens. Your custom marketing campaign will be developed and launched.


The auction will run online for 2-14 days as buyers will place their bids. We will also host a preview allowing buyers an opportunity to inspect any items.

The auction will close one item at a time with a staggered period of 10-30 seconds between each item. All of our auctions have a “soft closing.” This means if a bid is placed within the last minute, the bidding will extend allowing buyers to continue to bid.


After the auction closes, our staff will arrive with all of the equipment needed to assist buyers in loading all items while focused on maintaining a safe environment.


Within 14 days, our staff will process your closing report and write your check.

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