Buyers Guide

You have found our website and our auctions. If you are interested in bidding and buying an item, what do you do next?

First of all, you must create an account with JD’s Realty & Auction. You can then simply register for each auction that you want to place bids. Remember, you have one account with JD’s Realty & Auction, but you must register for each auction separately. We recommend you preview all the terms and conditions and location of each auction before bidding. If you have any questions contact our office.

All of our auctions offer a preview day if you are interested. This information will be posted in the description section of each auction. Most of our auctions are online only. All items are numbered and listed in numerical order and will close in numerical count down order on the closing day of the auction. If you have any questions please contact us.


Remember you must register for each auction to be able to bid. Once you create an account you will be in our system but still need to register for each auction.

Registration is simple, just click login at the top of page and follow the steps. Note: You will be required to register with a valid credit card. This is a safe and secure site and your information can not be seen by us. This allows you to pay for your items once the auction is complete and it also protects the integrity of the auction. 

Auction and Start Time

All of our auctions will have a pre-bidding period. Typically 2-4 weeks. Once the auction goes live each item will count down in numerical order. If someone bids on an item live 1 min. is added back to the count down. When there are no more active live bids, the item will close out and sell.


At the conclusion of the auction we will email invoices to all winning bidders. You will have the option to pay at pick up or we can simply charge your card on file.

Tax Exemption

If you have a tax exemption certificate, please contact the office and submit a copy to us.


If you are the winning bidder it is your responsibility to pick up and pay for your items. You will receive an invoice with a link to schedule your pick-up times. If you do not pick up your items or do not make arrangements with JD’s Realty & Auction you forfeit your items but you are still responsible for payment.


We offer in house shipping on coins and rugs. All other items can be taken to the local ups store for shipping.  Buyers are responsible for all shipping cost and handling fees.