Elevating Service Standards: Jason Deel Completes Certified Estate Specialists Course

Jason Deel, Principal Broker, and Auctioneer of JD’s Realty & Auction, recently achieved a significant milestone by completing the National Auction Association’s Certified Estate Specialists (CES) Course in Las Vegas, NV. This accomplishment underscores JD’s Realty & Auction’s commitment to providing unparalleled estate and transitional services to our valued clients.

Jason Deel, Principal Broker, and Auctioneer of JD's Realty & Auction

Certified Estate Specialists: Mastering Comprehensive Estate Services

The CES course equips professionals like Jason Deel and his team with a comprehensive toolkit to elevate service standards and navigate the complexities of estate services effectively. It covers various aspects crucial for an estate specialist:

Understanding Estate Services Dynamics

  • Recognizing Estate and Transitional Needs: By identifying opportunities in transitional situations, Jason and his team took a deep dive into understanding the emotional journey families and stakeholders undergo during the estate process, allowing for more empathetic and tailored services.

Proficient Estate Management

  • Navigating Legal Processes: Understanding probate processes and effective communication with attorneys and paralegals ensures a smoother transition for clients, solving problems efficiently.
  • Maximizing Time and Processes: Identifying time management and process details to effectively ensure the estate process is clear and seamless for the family and client.

Client-Centric Approach

  • Determining Service Value: Learning to determine the full value of services and structuring proposals tailored to meet client needs allows for seamless and easy processes, ensuring utmost client satisfaction.
  • Efficient Liquidations: The ability to book and conduct estate and downsizing liquidations ensures a streamlined and effective asset disposition process.

Leveraging Networks and Resources

  • Networking and Partnerships: Understanding the value of networking and utilizing available resources and partnerships adds immense value to Jason and his team’s expertise, making estate auctions and transitions easier for clients.

Jason Deel’s completion of the CES course empowers JD’s Realty & Auction to offer comprehensive estate services that prioritize client needs, solve problems efficiently, and streamline asset management.

Elevating Services, Enriching Experiences

With the CES designation, Jason and his team stands ready to provide exemplary service, guaranteeing an elevated standard of estate solutions and auctions tailored to client requirements. At JD’s Realty & Auction, Jason and his team are committed to delivering easy and efficient estate solutions that ensure a seamless transition for families and stakeholders.

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Jason Deel

Principal Broker & Auctioneer

team posting at the National Auction Association's Certified Estate Specialists (CES) Course in Las Vegas, NV