Characteristics of Art Deco

Beginnings & Characteristics

  • The Art Deco design movement began in the 1920’s and continued through the mid-1940’s
  • Evolution of previous prevailing styles – Art Nouveau and influenced by Cubism
  • Heavily reliant on repetitive geometric designs
  • Bold colors with rich wood and gold-tone metal accents
  • Objects were designed with relative simplicity in mind with an admiration for the Modern Age of machine-made objects with streamlined silhouettes
  • Juxtaposition of Man-made objects and objects found in Nature
  • Art Deco design can be found all aspects of everyday life from utilitarian objects in the home to fashion and jewelry, advertising and more

Art Deco Architecture


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Art Deco Art & Artist

René Crevel


Emma Childs


Tamara de Lempicka