Art Nouveau

History & Characteristics

  • Ornamental style of Art & Design that flourished in Europe and North America from about 1890 – 1915.
  • Deliberate attempt to create a New Style of Art – hence the name Art Nouveau or “New Art” in English.
  • Seen in Architecture, Interior Design, Jewelry, glass design, posters and illustrations.

  • Characterized by long, sinuous, asymmetrical “whiplash” lines and curves.
  • These undulating lines and curves often take the form of flower stalks and buds, vine tendrils, insect wings and other sinuous objects found in nature.
  • Art made in this style typically depicted lavish birds, flowers, insects and other zoomorphs, as well as the hair and curvaceous bodies of beautiful women.

           Famous Art Nouveau Artist

Alphonse Mucha


Gustav Klimt



Art Nouveau Interior Design


Art Nouveau Furnishings


Art Nouveau Jewelry